Rants of an overwhelmed person

One of my roommates was engaged last semester. We were all so excited about it! In our minds weddings equaled pretty dresses, pinterest inspiration, picking beautiful things, and looking like a princess. Our dreams were only slightly crushed when Emily informed us that you only think you want to plan a wedding, and then you get engaged.

What did that even mean? Suddenly you're so lost in each others eyes that you don't have preference on table runner colors or flower choices? I didn't understand, and I let my dreams of beautiful things soar on.

But then something happened. Then I became an engaged person. Let me tell you, she was right. 100% correct. Absolutely. I DO NOT WANT TO PLAN THIS THING.

I went to pick table cloth colors a few days ago and left hating myself. I hated myself for not deciding to elope. Honestly, I wish we would have eloped. I hated myself for thinking I could pull off a beautiful, breathtaking pinterest wedding. I hated myself for picking the first reception place I looked at. Sure they were almost all booked, but I felt like I had settled. I hated myself because I could feel myself losing interest. Center pieces? Really? How about you just . . . pick one for me. Don't even let me know. Surprise me. I hated it because I knew I would look back and wish I had cared more, that I had done more things that I would have loved.

But really, this whole perfectly-customized ridiculously beautiful thing is harder than I ever could have imagined. Of course it would be amazing to have customized cake forks and paper mache birds hanging from tree branches, but all of these things add up and pretty soon you're spending ridiculous amounts of money on forks. Surely the forks don't actually matter.

But then, what does matter? When I first announced my plans to marry, my dad suggested skipping the reception and only having a dinner for close family and friends. But then, why even have a dress? It's not like I can wear it for the ceremony, why purchase one if I will only wear it for a few pictures and through a dinner, where I would certainly be more comfortable in something less corset-y.

Yes. It would be cute and trendy to have customized things that make this feel like my reception, but when it comes down to it everything seems so frivolous.

My mother will be here in less than a week. I am so excited. So excited to have someone tell me it's OK to spend an extra $25 for the cake I really love, someone to confirm my choice of chair sash color.

I just want to say that the greatest advice I can give you is to elope. Isn't that why you're getting married - to be married? Just skip the rest.

Ok thanks bye.


  1. ....I wish i had eloped every. day. of. my. life.

    Miss you bye.

  2. honestly, money was a huge issue for me getting married-- doing everything for less than 1500 dollars (including dress)... and I had the same problem as you. I moved very quickly from caring about everything to not caring at all, and all of a sudden it seemed really frivolous to spend money on burlap and pretty napkins. :) and i still am happy I saved money by choosing to focus on being married-- and not focus so much on my wedding. Believe me, you won't regret not caring about your centerpieces. You'll forget about those centerpieces as soon as you kneel across the altar.

  3. Should I ever be asked to be one of the people involved (and by "involved" I mean actually getting married) in such a blessed event, I have decided it's going to look like this:

    An e-mail sent to those I love and care about that reads as follows,
    "Hey Everyone. Just a quick note to let you know that on (insert date here)so-and-so and I are going to get married. We'll be doing so at such-and-such city hall. After, we're going to have dinner at (insert random eatery here) at 7:00. Feel free to make reservations for the same night and time. No pressure to socialize during dinner. Just enjoy an evening out in our honor. Love,
    Polly and So-and-so."

    And that will be that. The wedding? Not the point. The life AFTER the wedding...waaaaay more important.