Droid Blues

I'm an android user. I love my little droid. As a macbook owner I had a bit of a hard time going the non-iPhone route, but as a T-mobile person the iPhone wasn't an option for me. As I've never owned an iPhone I can't actually compare the two, but after going down the droid path I would never willingly switch over.

But. I have to admit something.


I have the T-mobile Samsung Galaxy S2, and finding a cute case is impossible. The thing is that all Samsung Galaxy S2 phones aren't the same, each carrier has a different shape of phone - the camera, buttons, charger, etc. are in different places. This means that you may find a super cute case for the Verizon phone, but it doesn't come in the T-mobile model.

It's starting to give me grey hair. Here is a quick sample of the average case available for my phone:
 Are you crying? Do you see the one in the top middle? It's a conglomeration of food. Yes. Every option is either A) totally bland or B) covered with Hello Kitty bling. It makes me want to cry.

I can't help but be a little bitter when I do a quick search for iPhone cases and am confronted with endless options of beauty:
 Any other people with my phone? Any awesome case solutions?