Falling Together

The last thing my mother said to me before boarding the plane to her new home was "vote for the right person." This was especially odd as my parents are not particularly political.

I have been listening to Taylor's new "State of Grace" song on repeat for about 4 hours now. I love it. I'm still not sure what all the lyrics are, or what the full meaning of the song is. But I love it. 

People keep telling me to let them know if they can help with the wedding plans. I smile and let them know I'll keep them posted. In reality I'm waiting for someone to say "Hey, Sadie, I know you have no idea what you're doing. Here is how I can help."

I wish my mother was here. 

The thing is, the past week or two has brought some sad news. Sometimes life is really sad, and sometimes it is really hard to deal with. Sometimes you wonder if anything is fair, and the answer is no. Life is not fair. But the good news is that we have people. Yes, people.

We have family and friends. We have shoulders to cry on and hands to hold. They will always be there. I am especially lucky because I have the most amazing fiance in the world. He always listens and understands and knows just what to say to leave me laughing and smiling like nothing bad is happening in the world. 

I guess we just need to remember that life gets better. Trials, illness, and sadness are inevitable, but they are not forever. 

Forgive my Emo. It's like Michelle said, sometimes you just need to get your thoughts into the world.