Andrew Bates.

I guess Spencer's roommate was offended that I didn't mention him when I told mine and Spencer's story or something.

Drama queen. 

Jk. Andrew is the furthest thing from lame and the closest thing to cool. Also, Andrew's mom is an identical triplet, so let that blow your mind for a minute. 

When in Jerusalem I sent a friend request Andrew's way and a quick little message about how I had heard awesome things about him. His response was brilliant, and I promise you will love it:

Sadie, once again another person has been duped by the great Spencer Esplin. Ironically, lying about how cool I was in high School is the only misdeed Spencer Esplin has ever committed, outside of that he is perfect. Let me share a few facts about why Spencer Esplin was, is, and ever will be the coolest kid ever. Fact: Spencer Esplin was elected Prom king our junior year. Fact: In ward council Spencer Esplin was voted kindest person in the ward. Fact: Every time I see Danny Ritter (our across the hall neighbor) He tells me how much he misses Spencer. Fact: Spencer Esplin looks like Jesse Mccartney. Fact: Spencer Esplin has more humility than everyone on the Australian continent combined (according to a 2008 gallup poll). Fact: one night when we were rooming together an angel came down and told Spencer Esplin he was being taken up to heaven, while ascending I grabbed onto Spencer Esplin pulling him back down to the ground and the angel flew away. Fact: nine out of ten dentists chose Spencer Esplin over any leading toothpastes. Fact: Spencer once chased down a criminal who stole an ipod and brought him to justice. Fact: Spencer Esplin is loved by everyone he meets. 

I hope this has shed some light on the situation, the reason people liked me in high school was because most of the time I was within 10 feet of Spencer and people just got confused. Anyway, I am excited to embark on a deep and meaningful friendship on Facebook! Hope all is going well in Jerusalem!
I hope he is not bothered by me sharing this. Andrew, you rock. In closing, I would like to credit Andrew Bates with every good thing that has ever happened to me. 

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