The only political thing you'll ever read here.

I got this email yesterday. I just sat there staring at it. I mean, really? Don't they know I'm a registered republican living in Utah Valley? Wouldn't their efforts be a little more appreciated with, I don't know, anyone else in the world?? I wrote it off and deleted it, still a little curious as to how I ended up on their mailing list. That is, until I brought it up to Spencer a few hours later. Turns out he was a little bored online the other day so he put me on the mailing list. 

What a punk.

So, ya know, if you were just thinking how much you'd appreciate some quality time with El President, feel free to take advantage of my email :)


  1. This is so funny. I am most definitely with ya on the REpublican part. New {and super excited} follower!

    Amanda @

  2. I'm glad you're voting Republican :) That's like me (a registered Republican, living in Texas) getting that email, thanks but no thanks!