First Impressions are Rarely Correct

Scene: January 4th, 2011. Salt Lake International, 4am: I'm not a morning person, and I'm not an extrovert. So meeting the 80  people I would be living with for 4 months in a foreign country at 4 in the morning was not my ideal situation. I remember feeling so awkward. It was pretty obvious looking around the security line who belonged to our group. We would make momentary eye contact, smile awkwardly, and look away in search of something else to stare at. I remember a few specific thoughts about specific people. Girl with unicorn pillow pet: awesome. Future roommate with candy canes: weird. Boy with ukelele: lady charmer. I mean, right? Bringing a ukelele on the plane to Jerusalem is like pulling out your guitar at a college party and playing Wonderwall. By the time we had boarded the plane I had forgotten about the ladies man with the uke, and I only remembered my initial impression when I saw this picture at the end of the program:

Ashley Crist Photography
He was funny. He was good with people. Our professor's five-year-old daughter was literally in love with him. Everyone was in love with Spencer.

I guess if I was going to make a recommendation, I would recommend going to Jerusalem. It's pretty cool cause you get to know people differently than in any other situation. You do everything together. Meals, school, church, study, travel, play. You see what a person is like when they first wake up, how they handle an eight hour bus ride, how they cope when they're sick on said bus ride. You ride camels together, climb mountains together, and survive overnight train rides together.

And then when you come home, you have someone who understands how much you miss it. And you guys, I really missed it. But he was always there to eat pita and nutella or watch our slideshow with me. It turns out really getting to know each other was easier without 80 other people living in the same building, and without the "rule of three" each time you left the grounds.

There were rough times, like the time he went to Brazil for a 1.5 month internship, or the time I went on a Buddhist-style "finding myself" craze and didn't have any idea what I wanted out of life. But he came back to the States, and I came back to myself, and all was good.

We avoided dances, studied, and saw the Bieber movie together. Don't judge, entertainment can be hard to find in Provo. There were comedy shows, concerts, and movies with his sisters. Sunday dinners, ice cream runs, and breakfasts left on the doorstep. Hot chocolate, Friday night activities, and lots of sleeping through movies. There were flowers, chocolates, and gifted books. There were inside jokes and shared glances. Hopes, dreams, and goals. There were carnival goldfish, attempted celebrity stalkings, and canyon drives.

There were also lots of questions. Haven't you been dating more than a year? Shouldn't you have 12 kids by now? All in good time, my friends.

We also dedicated a good amount of time to finding our favorite restaurants. What can I say, we like to eat. Most often we end up at Gloria's, where they have the best pasta ever. This past weekend we found ourselves once again in the small corner restaurant ordering our regular meals, expect Spencer who ordered the world's most disgusting drink. Our waiter even warned us; he said it tasted like bitter grapefruit meets cough syrup. It was the perfect description. But Spencer downed the stuff like a champ and we were off to a movie in the park with some friends. Turns out there was no movie, there were no friends. Instead there were some roses, and a ring :)

Turns out the boy with the uke was a little more than the typical lady charmer. Turns out he's actually pretty cool. So I guess I'll marry him on, I don't know, December 15th?



  1. Wonderful news! Congrats, my friend. Congrats :-)

  2. love love love love love love loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooove love love <3 !!

  3. I LOVE it!!! So happy for you Sadie & Spence :)

  4. love love love. so glad you approved of my pillow pet.