The Contract Gap

I'm not sure how it works other places, but each August Provo college students are met with the contract gap, where your fall contract doesn't start until a week after your summer contract ends.

As a whole, we've learned to manage. In my case, my parents live in Orem. That's like a 10 minute drive with traffic. Some people crash on the couch of a friend, some even move into their car for a day or two. It's a time when anything goes. You drove to work with a couch and a grill tied to the top of your car? Of course you did, what else are you expected to do? Ask no questions, give no judgment.

As the gap has been approaching, phone calls have been placed and arrangements are being made. My sister brought up the idea that local hotels should offer a "gap discount," an idea I find to be brilliant. However, until that happens, people are continuing to get more and more creative with their living arrangements.

Remember the Easter prank video? True, it was brilliance, but the thing that is even more brilliant is that coming up with completely elaborate and seemingly impossible feats is just what these guys do. Not long after the Easter incident they decided to build a Hobbit house in my parents basement and whip this little gem outta nowhere. As a group they are saving up the money to spend next summer on a sailboat in the Caribbean. I have no doubt that they will pull it off; they've even gone as far as to research pirates and learn how to handle them. I've learned to just accept their crazy ambitious ideas and realize that, if they are committed, they'll make it happen.

So when they called the other day to tell me that they were moving into a homemade, octagonal, collapsible, cardboard house for the contract gap, I didn't even question it. Later that day they showed up on my doorstep to use my dad's drill, and now, just as the gap is starting, they are ready for the move.

all pictures stolen from facebook without permission
There are going to be 8 of the tunnels you see above, one for each person, with a courtyard in the middle.

Yes. A courtyard. For things like card games and tea.

Last I heard the box still had some vacancies, so if you're getting desperate for a place to sleep lemme know, I can put you in contact with the brains behind this invention. Or if you just wanna meet the brains, still let me know. It wouldn't be the first time we had tried to set them up with a complete stranger who thought they were awesome.


  1. Where exactly are they going to place the boxes? In a parking lot?

  2. hahahahahaha this is perfect. oh 83. I'm kinda really sad that I won't get to see it in person! (at least while it's in use... new goal: convince them to use it a week longer than planned. that wouldn't be too hard.)

  3. I can't wait to see their documentary about this whole experience! :)

  4. Aimee- they were just setting up in the parking lot for testing purposes, their plan is to set up camp in local parks. We'll see how that goes...

    Elizabeth, I had no idea they were making a documentary about it! But I guess I should have been able to figure that out...