Sugar Bet

Here's the thing. Doing the Whole 30 was great for me. I learned so much about food and nutrition, and how what I eat really affects me in so many ways. I am a total believer in the "you are what you eat" philosophy.

While being on the whole 30 was awesome, not being on it is pretty crappy. I am still conscious about what I eat, and how it affects me. Each time I'm whipping something up a little voice pops into my mind telling me how crappy the food is. But I don't even need that little voice. I know that this food isn't going to give me more energy, or even cure the hunger for more than an hour. So why don't I do the Whole 30 all the time? Hah, yeah, ok. If you're funding it. Let me tell you, that was not a cheap 30 days. Also, I spend more than half of my day on campus. I know that if I was really super dedicated I could make all of my meals ahead of time and bring them to school with me, so I guess we see that I am not that dedicated. 

In an attempt to find a happy medium, I am constantly looking for little ways to improve my diet. Cutting out carbs for a week? Done. No dairy the next week? Not a problem. Cook at least one real meal including meat? Sure. The issue is that I don't really have anyone to hold me to these commitments other than myself, and sometimes I am able to convince myself that a greek yogurt isn't going to kill me.

Luckily an answer to my problem showed up yesterday in the form of my roommate. Bronwyn informed me that she was doing a sugar bet. If she eats any candy or desserts between now and October first she will pay me $200. I accepted. I could really use some extra cash.

Then it occurred to me, I could do the sugar bet with her. But $200?? That's a lot of grocery/gas money. But I don't have to pay the money, I just have to stick to my resolution. I tossed the idea back and forth a few times before joining in.

As we couldn't very well pay each other if we messed up - oh you slipped? Great. I'll slip too and then we won't have to pay anything! - we decided to get another roommate involved. If we mess up we will be writing a nice little check to Jennie.

So you guys. Last night I finished up the mints my parents brought back from Canada and most of the cinnamints Bronwyn snagged from Cafe Rio, and starting today I am saying goodbye to sugar for a little over a month.

Any takers? I promise it's gonna be so much fun. And what better way to hold yourself to your resolutions than the fear of losing your money?


  1. I'm pretty convinced I have a serious sugar addiction. I need to try this ASAP!