Dear incoming freshman,

As a senior at this university, I see it as my duty to pass my abundant knowledge onto the incoming class. So, without further ado, I present you with a guide to college survival:

• The testing center is freezing all the time, and I really mean freezing. Except for when it's not, and then then it's really not. Dress accordingly.

• It's ok to carry a color-coordinated map of campus to help you find your way. And if you do get lost it's totally fine to ask someone for directions. We were all there once.

• Unless you are one of the mutants, American Heritage will be hard. It will be ok. As one of my friends said, "I'm going to be a doctor, who cares if I know who George Washington is?!"

• Chances are, you will do more random, fun, spontaneous, embarrassing things during your freshman year than the rest of your college career combined. Embrace it. 

• Sometimes talking with a distressed roommate or catching up on sleep is priority. Classes will be missed, and that is fine. People to help are more important than things to be done. 

• The University Accessibility Center is there for a reason. Do you have ADD? Dyslexia? Do you retain information better when you hear it instead of reading it? Go. They will do nothing but help you.

• Same with university counseling. This is likely the only time in your life when you will have professional, free counselors on hand. You don't have to be contemplating suicide or in an abusive relationship to see a counselor. Maybe you just need some guidance or someone to listen when you talk.

• You can also talk to your professors. Seriously. Most of these people have a PH.D in their area of study, and they are more than happy to give you some unsolicited advice. Did something they said in class catch your attention? Go talk to them about it. If nothing else, this will help you form relationships that will come in handy when you're looking for letters of recommendation later on. 

• People no longer care who you were or what you did in high school. Cheerleader? Band geek? Those are words that don't exist in this world.

• College students get discounts on everything. The RB has a free gym, and you can even sign up for free personal trainers. Sa-weet! I know that doing library research sounds like the lamest/most boring thing in the world, but you guys, take advantage of the academic journals you have access to as a student. Your English 150 class will introduce you to the library resources, and I promise that one day you will find yourself looking up articles purely out of curiosity. These journals can cost big bucks after graduation, so read up while you can!

• Be nice to people. Freshman wards can have cliques, but don't get involved. 

• Cliques aside, be involved. In everything. Unless you have leprosy and are deathly contagious, say yes to every invite you get. Hold on to social desires as long as you can, before you know it your major will be getting in the way.

• Don't have a major? Don't worry, and do not pick something because you "need to have direction." If anything that will just give you extra credits in an area you don't need. Take your time with the GEs, fill up your schedule with things that sounds legitimately interesting to you, and the right path will find you.

• No one remembers the nights they got enough sleep. That being said, sometimes sleep is necessary. 

• Don't stress about roommates. The thing is that you are both in a new place with new people, and you need someone to eat dinner with. You will grow together over it. I've learned that the roommates I get along with best are often the people I wouldn't have talked to normally. You can room with your best friend and end up hating each other, but a complete stranger can become your best friend. If you do end up with someone you absolutely cannot stand, talk to your RA. They can help find other arrangements.

The Board. You're welcome.

• During textbook sell-back the bookstore opens the 3rd floor doors a few minutes before the others. If you're looking to get the most money for your books while avoiding the 2 hour lines that form less than a minute after the doors are opened, this is your best bet. 

• 801-422-4636. This is your new favorite thing. All BYU phone numbers start with 422, and this is the number for info. I-N-F-O - 4636, you won't forget it. I call info whenever I have a question about anything, especially if it's something I might feel like an idiot asking someone face to face, like how to declare a minor. They will tell you everything from the Jamba Juice hours to the phone number for the copyright department.

• One day you will graduate and realize that Cookies 'N' Cream milk doesn't exist anywhere else. Embrace it while you can.

Anyone else have some advice? Feel free to add it in the comments :)

Flashback to freshman year :)