Breaking and Entering

When signing a contract for a 1st floor apartment my first thought was how much easier getting groceries from the car to the house would be. Like, exponentially. Also, my walk home from campus would seem so much shorter. You guys, sometimes by the end of the day three flights of stairs can make a really big difference. As the paranoid crime obsessed person that I am, it also crossed my mind that a 1st floor apartment might be easier to break into. I let it slide. 

But when we came home from church today that last concern was totally validated. Don't worry, no creepers broke in when we were out, but we broke in when we got back. In the haste to get out the door in the morning we managed to forget a house key. After the short moment of despair that followed this realization, we made our way to the windows where Taylor and I worked the screen until we managed to pop it out. Success.

Is this some safety thing I shouldn't be sharing on the world wide web? Probably. It's fine. We have since then locked our windows and the most valuable thing in our apartment is the microwave that only heats up 3/4th of your food. So really we're not too concerned.

We are so happy to be pulling a Jack Bauer move.
Cause the coolest thing Jack Bauer ever did was break into a first level apartment.  
I wouldn't fully recommend doing this is a dress. I would recommend having a cinderblock close on hand.


  1. I love the police tape in the bottom left of the 2nd photo. It makes us look so much more risky!