Real World Problems: The Workforce

So it turns out that after graduation the real world hits hard and fast. Who knew, right? Over the course of my college career this daunting truth has become more and more clear, but the moment it really hit me was when my coworker started getting "real world" job offers.

He was newly married, prepped for graduation, and juggling a few job offers from some big name companies. If only we all had those problems, eh? His issue was that the job he wanted most didn't come with the salary he wanted most. I sat there listening as he worked the wording for his salary negotiations, and it positively freaked me out.

You guys, it is a serious blessing that I still have a year of school left, because I have no idea how to deal with real world topics, especially when it comes to the work force. I just want a job, ya know? I haven't let myself stress over it too much, but as a senior I'm starting to see the stress in my friends and I can't help but look for post-school advice.

Fortunately, some advice found its way to me. Eric from Industrial Space sent over an article on the exact thing that triggered my freak outs: How to negotiate salary.

Their whole site gives amazing advice to people like me who are totally overwhelmed, things I never even knew to wonder about. What a heaven send!

Approaching graduation or not, you should take a look, you never know what advice you're gonna find :)


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