Pinterest Money Saving Tips

I was doing some pinterest scrolling the other day, the kind where you aren't actually looking at anything, you just keep going to take up time. The only thing noteworthy enough to stop my scrolling would have been either seriously awesome or something that made me go " . . . what?" Like a can of Crisco on fire.

The caption on the pin said: "Insert a wick in a can of Crisco for a long burning candle."

I see the purpose in this. I'm a Mormon. I get the whole 72-hour kit, survival mode stuff, but a Crisco candle? Really?

My first issue here, does it bother anyone else that something we eat can double as candle wax? Just me? Cool.

Second issue, insert a wick? I feel like candle wicks aren't the sturdiest of things, and Crisco isn't the softest. I just can't see myself sitting in the middle of a hurricane, in my basement, in the pitch black, thinking "wow, I'm so glad I have this wick and this can of Crisco. Good thing I didn't get the flashlight and 48 pack of batteries, or one of those pre-made emergency candles."

I just think that maybe people are a little big too into saving money on these things. Like, we're talking about your livelihood in the case of an emergency, I think it's worth the investment. But alas, pinterest is the place for crazy money-saving ideas to spread like wildfire.

So, for your convenience, I have compiled a few items that I do/do not find to be worth it.

Do Not:

1) Homemade toothpaste.  
I have touched on this in a previous blog post. Really? Is your budget that tight? When it comes to your hygiene, it's time to invest a buck 60.

2) DIY dry shampoo.
It's called baby powder, and it will last you forever. Also, your powder base will work. Only if you're blonde.

3) DIY cleaning products.
The bottle says it all: "ghetto febreze." Now, I'll admit, febreze and glass cleaner aren't super cheap, but they're not over the top either. The time it takes to make these things is worth the store price for me, especially when febreze and glass cleaner are not things you use every day. They will last. 

4) DIY dishwasher detergent.
I feel like this falls under the category of cleaning product and hygiene. I just wanna know that my dishes are clean, ya know?


1) Nail polish.
I am not a fashion person. I embrace chipped nail polish. In fact, the main reason I put nail polish on is so I can chip it off when I'm bored. That being said, this might be a cheap fashion-less girl's opinion, but $30 for a bottle of nail polish?? Sure, it will last, but that is just not something I am willing to invest in.

2) Sideways toaster.
A while ago Jennie was making a grilled cheese with our toaster turned sideways. She was telling me how it was such an awesome idea from pinterest, and I said something about how we could just get a toaster oven. Her response? "That's like looking at every tip on pinterest and being like 'What? Why not just do the hard expensive thing!?'" Touche. I don't know what had gotten into me. There are many pinterest tips that take something with one function and give it a few more. I love these tips

3) Swiffer stand-in.
I know, this is a cleaning thing, but fo real swiffer things are so expensive and a rag is like, the exact same thing. Save the $$.

4) Newspaper bags.
You save money, it's cute, and you look like you put more effort into the gift. Worth it.   


  1. Haha I am guilty of pinning the Crisco candle! I've been called out! But... I have this giant can of Crisco and I never cook with it, so I was like "Oh good! It's good for something!"

    ... Would you like the code for a Pinterest ScoreCard?

  2. Here's a fun tip: just use a bottle of Wite-Out instead of nail polish! :)

    Rachel painted her nails white the other day, and I immediately said, "You look like Sadie!"