Burn Out?

I feel like I am surrounded by people with great ambitions and an excess of work ethic. I've been sitting by watching as Bronwyn got a job, Jennie started earning money for Jerusalem, Sierra started her own fundraiser for the Aurora victims, Riley started a company, and Hillary began training for her third half-marathon. Me? I haven't done a thing. So to make myself feel better about it  I've decided to share the details with the world.

• I haven't finished Kristi's blog design mock-up. Kristi, I'm sorry, I have no legitimate excuse. I promise I'm working on it, it's just my creative abilities are struggling on account of I have zero motivation to do anything. 

• I haven't started writing the paper that's due tomorrow. Let's be honest, there is nothing new here.

• I haven't moved even half of my crap downstairs. With my parents moving to Morocco and all, my sister + her family is moving into the house. She's talking reign over the main and upper floors, which means I'm moving to the basement. All I have to do is get all of my stuff outta my room and into the new room downstairs. Each time I start moving I become overwhelmed with how much stuff I've managed to accumulate over 14 years of having the same room and I quit, convincing myself that there is still time before Saturday. 

• I haven't done my laundry. I still have plenty of respectable clothing items, but all of my favorites have been worn and I've been contemplating washing them for like a week now. 

• I haven't made my way down to the store to restock on makeup. If you've wondered what's happened to my face lately, wonder no more.

• I haven't seen Batman. I know, I'm the only one.

In contrast, here is a list of things I've have accomplished as of late:

• I have started watching and have successfully become addicted to the show White Collar. I get my crime fix without totally freaking myself out.

• I have found printables for my apartment walls in the fall. I have saved them all to a folder on my desktop.

• I have researched the process of backpacking through Europe.

• I have daydreamed about backpacking through Europe and the epic blog redesign that would come along with the trip. 

• I have started pinning fall wardrobe inspiration. 

• I have found and bookmarked a number of furniture items that I have almost successfully convinced myself are reasonable investments.  

Mostly I've been sitting here wondering how everyone is doing such epic stuff. Can I attribute my lack-of-motivation to burn-out? Anyone else feeling utterly unproductive?


  1. Same here, girl. Same here. You might dispute, "but you're getting married!" yes, that's true. But like you, I still feel like I'm not really doing anything with my life. Weddings are fun, and obviously I'm excited to be with cale, but after the festivities I have no idea what I'll do in terms of my personal progress and interests. Except work. And work some more. Aaand a little bit more--becaue nothing else has sparked my mind. I used to be so ambitious. Now I have to convince myself to get out of bed every morning and get to work on time because "that's what grown ups do."

    Backpacking through Europe--now that sounds like fun :-)

    Something's around the corner for you Sadie girl. Taking turns on life's merri-go-round requires a lot of patience, but we all get a chance to rise up.

    Love you, and I'm enjoying your frequent posts. It seems like you're learning more and more about yourself. What could be more ambitious than that? :-)

  2. HAHAHAHA gurrrrrrl don't even worry about it! I have been Queen Lazy the past couple weeks, so I am in no position to cast any judgement! :) Also, why are your parents moving to Morocco?! And you NEED to share your backpacking itinerary.

    ALSO: I have not seen Batman either. OR THE AVENGERS.

    Like I said, Queen Lazy.

  3. hahaha I love that you considered me one of the productive ones... let's just say I'll have a very productive 2 weeks in august, but right NOW.. I'm putting off WAY too many things. ahhhhhsdflsdjflsjdfljsdfsdf.

  4. I absolutely love this post! I got back from all of my vacations and summer travels and I have no motivation to do ANYTHING. It's getting to be quite an issue considering work starts in a few weeks and I haven't even started preparing lesson plans and whatnot...Oh well!