Tender Mercy

The thing about my History of Creativity class is that I never went. There were two reasons for this: 1) I never remembered it because it was only once a week, 2) it was so incredibly boring. It was like 2.5 hours long and honestly every person who actually went spent the time watching Netflix in the back or reading a book. Wildly disrespectful? Yes. But it's the truth nonetheless.

One week in particular I had a test for another class and made a conscious decision not to go to History of Creativity. As it came time to make the trek from my apartment to the testing center I decided to do something I have never done: check the line conditions.

I don't know how it works at other colleges, but here at BYU we take the majority of our tests in one building. This is awesome, expect for weeks like midterms and finals when everyone needs to take tests and so everyone congregates to the testing center. Lines become ridiculously long and, as you wait, you seem to forget everything you've crammed into your brain. Conveniently, the center has some video cameras set up so you can check ahead and see how long the wait is.

As I was exploring this feature I saw a link to a list of all the tests I had that semester. Sweet. Let's depress ourselves a little bit more by viewing a complete list of all the times we need to stress this semester.

Depression aside, I clicked. As I was strolling casually through the list, my heart stopped. According to the site, I had a Creativity test that week, the very next day in fact. There was a week to take it, and it ended the day before our next class period.

Somehow this test had failed to make it from the syllabus to my planner. Had I not randomly decided to check the testing center lines, and had I not found this random link and then decided to click on it, I would have shown up in class the following Thursday to find my TAs collecting the take-home portion of the test. I would have died, in other words.

I guess I just have a hard time believing that these things are chance. There is no way I randomly did all of these things I'd never done the same day they led me to discover my test.


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