Riley, the kid whose desk is next to me at work, is a web imager. Basically that mean that when you see a picture of a hat, or a journal, or a pen, or anything else on the BYU Bookstore website, it was edited to perfection by this kid next to me.

Like this journal, for example.
Don't worry, this is pre-editing. Obviously.
It's ok guys, we can talk about it. This picture is weird, a little awkward, and mildly confusing. So it was completely understandable when another coworker, Yulee, turned around and asked if it was a picture of mold. Black mold, to be exact.

Now, Riley and I had never heard of black mold before, so we started giving Yulee a hard time and she was left with no option but to pull up the Wikipedia page.

Turns out black mold is actually the most dangerous form of mold, technically known as stachybotrys. Official pronunciation as provided by Yulee: skatch-ee-back-tuh-rus. After a bit of research we discovered that this infamous black mold is responsible for, brace yourselves, the death of two cats.

. . . What? Seriously? Now, I know nothing about mold, and my only information comes from Yulee and Wikipedia, but what I got from this is that the world's most dangerous form of mold is only responsible for giving a few colds and killing two cats.

So I guess what we learn from this is that mold is the lamest thing we are all afraid of. Stand back, my friends, don't let the stachybotrys kill your beloved cat. 

*disclaimer. Please don't think we are all idiots. We are making fun of wikipedia, not mold.*