I'm not totally unproductive

The Theory: Nothing will drive you into pointless productivity like the threat of homework. 

Can we even call this is theory? Isn't it more like fact? To illustrate this point, I will refer to my roommate Bronwyn. She hit a pretty high-intensity stress block this past semester, and one Saturday morning she came into the kitchen, publicly declared the day as do-nothing-but-study-day, and proceeded to lock herself in her room until she was finished. 

We were all very impressed, that is, until she emerged a few hours later telling us of the progress she had made in organizing her sweaters. Ah, productivity indeed. We banished Bronwyn back to her bedroom* and, a few hours later, she made another appearance, this time sporting a stack of stamped and sealed envelopes containing the many letters she had just composed. 

As fellow college students, we understood. However, as loyal roommates we also knew that Bronwyn would hate herself the next day if she didn't accomplish anything academic. We sent her away once more, this time with a small guilt trip to get her going. 

Alas, not even 30 minutes had gone by when Bronwyn came bouncing out of her room. "You guys!! Look at this awesome headband I just made out of a t-shirt!!"

Bronwyn had hit the rock bottom with which we are all familiar: in a state of procrastination desperation, she had started chipping away at her DIY pinterest board. 

Don't worry, I'm not telling you this to give you grounds for judging my roommate. On the contrary, I'm telling you this to preface the confession of my pinterest-inspired procrastination so you realize I'm not the only one. 

A few minutes ago I found myself in my kitchen cutting up a lemon and dripping melted honey onto its halves. I'm not exactly sure how it happened. Just moments before I had been dutifully composing my paper, but somehow I found myself on pinterest, which led me to searching for DIY honey & lemon face washes on Yahoo answers, which led to over-microwaving a small cup of honey and turing it into a caramelized mess. Luckily there was still plenty of honey in the jar and my face cleansing was not interrupted. 

So here I sit, lemon/honey face mask in place, blogging about the experience in order to put off my paper just a moment longer. 

Maybe next I'll finally tackle that "men's shirt to summer dress" tutorial??

*that was not intentional, and so we must keep it.


  1. I love this. And love that I'm reading it because I'm not writing my paper either hahaha.

    SERIOUSLY SO EXCITED FOR TANNING. I'm like, craving it. crap.. those studies are true...

  2. Oh.. this is just too real. And exactly right. Once, right before some critical college juncture, I decided that I simply NEEDED to make butterbeer cupcakes. I had to spend the rest of the night writing my paper, but... I am pretty sure it was worth it.

    The sad thing is, these time wasting things TRANSFER! I have 0.0 responsibilities now, so I invent some for myself like, writing a novel. And yes, you better believe I have to burn an hour on Pinterest, start writing, then burn an hour on blogger, then start writing again, while checking facebook six million times.

    ... The internet has ruined me.