I'm lame enough to be cool

Or at least, that's what this post is telling me.

You guys, Sierra is adorable and amazing and her writing is something else, so I would recommend clicking on that link. Now is the perfect time to become addicted to a new blog.

I have always found myself to be an awkward person, and as of late I've come to accept it is a part of me. I've been trying to justify it as a charming or even endearing trait, and the "lame-cool" list provided by Sierra helped me to do just that.

Now go see where you fall on the spectrum and be impressed by how perfectly she grouped celebrities.

Here is the link again. I'm adamant.  

Also, her internet-savvy husband just redesigned her blog and it is beautiful so probably leave a comment telling her how much you adore it.

That is all.


  1. what a fun blog you have! i just found it so randomly, but hey i go to byui too! and i'm a senior! and an english major! awesome.


  2. nice ! I'll check it out :)

    Alexandra Marie