If only

Xander (my 8 year old nephew): Come play with me!
Sadie: Aww man I can't, I have to finish this paper!
Xander: :(
Sadie: I know, so lame, but it's due tomorrow 
Xander: Do you have to print it out? 
Sadie: Yep! 
Xander: But . . . that should be so easy!!
Sadie: You would think, but I have to write it first.
Xander: Eww. 

Eww indeed.


  1. He said he is really sad because everyone is moving to Morocco for a year. I said, "Well not everyone is, just Grandma and Grandpa." His face brightened and he said, "So Sadie is staying?! Because I REALLY like Sadie!" I said, "Yup, Sadie is staying." His reply? "Oh good. Then I think I can deal with it."