I like laziness more than money

So there is an advertising method going around lately that I can't quite wrap my mind around: "Love it or your money back" . . . what even?? I hate it when I see that on a product; you know they only say that because they know no one knows what to do with it.

Like, if I'm half-way through my bag of Cheetos and all of a sudden I'm like "Hey, you know what? I don't love these. I want my money back," then what do I do? Go back to the grocery store and ask for an exchange? I'm sure that would go over really well, trying to sell back a half-eaten bag of chips. Maybe if I brought my receipt and a copy of the ad promising the refund?

But it wasn't even the grocery store that promised my money back, it was the Cheetos company. Does this mean I need to head over to the local post office - half-eaten bag of chips, receipt, and ad in hand - and pay to ship these babies back to the mother land? Sure, I'm willing to put forth that kind of effort.

No. I am not. I didn't even return the pair of maroon cords I ordered online in a moment of delirious weakness. I keep my red box movies for a week minimum, and I still have gift cards from my high school graduation.

What I'm trying to say here is that I'm lazy, and I'm wondering if maybe it's just me in all my glorified laziness that doesn't understand the "love it or your money back" principle? Are there people out there who have actually figured out the system and taken advantage of it?

I admire the ground you walk on.


  1. haha you have a good point! I am lazy too or just too busy!

  2. I do all the time! I've taken back half used bottles of ranch, (it was gross) mostly gone boxes of butter, (it went bad before the expiration date) and plenty of other things. It's not like I'm never at the same store I bought it from, and a (very little) bit of trouble on my part is sometimes worth it. =)

  3. No joke I just saw a commercial for TOILET PAPER in which it was said, "Your satisfaction or your money back. Guaranteed."
    I'm sorry. What?
    Shall I package up my used product with which I am not satisfied?