I guess I actually like money

It's as if the universe read my post and decided to test me on it.

I've been needing some new gym shoes for some time now and I figured my birthday would be the perfect justification point. I spent a few days doing some research online and around the gym and decided to invest in a pair of Nike Free 3.0s.

Now, I'm not a patient person. I'm working on it. But when it comes to things like online shopping I'm the worst. I always end up paying an extra $20 for shipping because I want to have my new, beautiful product immediately. So when my beautiful turquoise shoes showed up a week after ordering them and they were a size too small, I died inside. I called every nike approved store within a 50 mile radius asking if they could take my shoes back and/or exchange them for a bigger size. No one. Nada. Nil. 

And so the debate began. Did I care enough to actually send them back? That was going to take so much effort: re-packaging them, filling out the form for a size bigger, going to the post office, paying money to send them back, and waiting for them to ship back to Nike and then back to Provo.

You guys, that's a lot of effort, and as you may remember, I like laziness more than money. 

But then I talked some sense into myself: Sadie, these shoes cost a hundred dollars. You care. 

I filled out the paper, taped the box shut, and in the end my mother was the one to bring it to the post office as she was going anyway.

So I guess we now know that I don't 100% completely like laziness more than money. Looks like I like one hundred dollars more than laziness, but only if someone is willing to do half the work for me. 

Thanks, mom, I owe you. Seriously, I still owe you the $8-something it took to send them back.  

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  1. okay this is so funny, because I want to send my rocket summer shirt back for a smaller size, but I'm currently way too lazy to do it haha.. ahhhhhhhh!! do I care... do I..?

    also, that's SO sad they were too small. I would have died too!!!!