Photo bomb a.k.a. lamest blog excuse ever

I will now post every picture currently in my phone because I am a narcissist who thinks you will find them interesting.

No. Because I have nothing else to say. Or, I guess because I am too lazy to write fully-developed thoughts. 

I warn you: this will not be short.

are these for real
Let's legit talk about this. Is that some sort of modern art depicting what will happen if you don't follow the recommendation of silence?  
It's fine if you wanna buy me a housewarming gift 
check out my nail color
If the shoe don't fit...
And speaking of shoes. Don't hate every white girl has one of these
Knew I was right
What is sunscreen? 
This is a real advertisement. Count the number of fonts used. No really, count them.
Don't worry the bookstore legit sells these
good thing my phone is the size of my face. 
In response to: "what are you doing?"
Hang in there guys, we're like 1/8th the way done.

yeah that's my face
it's fine guys it's just my roommate's
I liked the design, ok?
in response to: "where are you?"
I just wanted to show Jennie how awesome my outfit had been
I'm gonna miss that place
this was post-cleaning checks
You guys, shaving creme cleans vinyl floors. You should probably pin this or something. 
There was a story, maybe one day I'll share it
I wasn't sure if I could take this picture, but no one shot me so I think I'm good
need a friend's validation before purchase 
Another great house warming option.
 No but really, why???
"Hey will you buy me more juice and I'll pay you back?"
"Yeah, text me the name of it."
"no just take a picture"
I wanted this picture to show up when he called
This was once going to be a blog post. I would have flipped the picture around.  Maybe I'll get around to it one day?
Hey mom, thanks for reading to the end of this! 

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  1. okay. I died during the sudden caps lock that was "TEMPTATION" and at the face pillows!!! but for a very special reason which I am so excited to tell you hahahahahaha.

    this was beautiful. it's okay if it happens more often.