I remember being four.

I remember my parents going out of town and calling in a house/kid sitter. I remember that she left the cheese off of my section of the green bean casserole, which won her points, and she also had red hair. 

But the thing I remember most about this woman is that she didn't make me take a nap.

Just as any mature four year old, I knew I was too old for naps. I was old and well-adjusted and I had no use for such infantile behavior. I had been trying to convince my mother of this for years, but alas, she always won, and each day I would find myself on the couch in front of a Disney movie, knowing that this time I'd stay awake. Then, what must have been hours later, I would wake to the blue screen that let me know the movie was long over. 

So when this babysitter came for the weekend, I saw it as my opportunity to ditch the nap once and for all. Surely she would see how well I did without it, and would relay the information to my mother. 

My chance to change came on her first day. My sisters were gone to school, and Ms. Babysitter asked what time I normally take my nap. 

As I stood before her, preparing to lie, I felt the anxiety rise. I could sense the smirk taking place on my face, and I was sure that she would see right through my words.

"I don't take naps, I'm too old for that."

She didn't even hesitate. She just nodded, grabbed my hand, and took me to play.

I don't remember the outcome of this experience, but I can only imagine that she quickly realized the necessity of the nap and either A) put me to bed or B) waited until I collapsed. 

You guys, what I wouldn't give to go back and tell my little self to take that nap, and every nap to follow, because one day I would kill for a nap.

And so I have to wonder, when did it become cool to take naps?

As children we loathed the idea. Miss the fun? Sleep when there are adventures to live? Forget it! And it's not like you've ever heard a nine-year-old ask for a nap. Or a pre-teen, or a high-school kid. But in college? The privilege of taking a nap is equivalent to living as a king. Ah, the luxury. But who has the time? All of a sudden we find ourselves pining for Sunday, the day that once meant boredom and restrictions. But now, now this blessed day brings promises of peace and rest.

What I wouldn't give to go back and snatch up each nap I missed. 

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  1. I vaguely remember asking not to take a nap, going to my room, and spending the time jumping on my bed. Now, I jump INTO my bed, or crash on the couch, for about 30-60 min pretty much every day. I am a nap pro. Seriously. I love them. I need them. I am an absolutely wretched person to be around if I don't get them. Embrace the mid-day siesta! Even if it means you sneak off for a "lunch break" at work. Do it. You know you wanna.