Guest Post by Jennie Rae

So this one time, Sadie Loraine said I should guest post on her blog.

And my immediate thought was, “Only stylish 20-something fashion bloggers with interesting things to say do guest posts!”

Well, here I am, with the only qualification being that I am 21. But maybe you should keep reading, because I’m going to tell you why Sadie is amazing, and that’s a pretty cool thing to know.

Sadie and I met our freshman year at BYU, and we are currently embarking on our senior year together!

(Insert “WHAT. THE. CRAP?!?!” here.)

(Disclaimer: Sadie is much more eloquent in her writing than I am… unfortunately *my blog* is a big blunder of AHHHHHH!!!!’s and what the freaking heck?!’s and other phrases you would commonly find in a 13-year-old’s diary. Okay, so really my blog is nothing but a 13-year-old's diary. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.)

Anyway, if you would like to know our “story”… you can read what Sadie so awesomely wrote *here.*
I love Sadie. Sometimes it’s hard for me to believe in things happening for a reason or being meant to be, but I’m pretty confident I was supposed to meet Sadie and randomly decide to live with her and spend the last 2 years calling her one of my best friends and sharing WUH-HAY too many memories together. Hindsight is 20/20, and I can see now that we’ve specifically needed each other for so many things and in so many ways. We both believe the Big Guy Upstairs is pretty cool in his ability to place certain people in our lives for our benefit and growth.

Sadie is so kind and will always be excited for you, whatever it is. She has the sickest bookshelf in her room with so many beautiful books that are in color order. That bookshelf pretty much describes her in a nutshell – smart, deep, colorful, creative, and thoughtful.

Sadie is awesome because she supports dreamers like me. During our freshman year is when the earthquake happened in Haiti. I still consider myself optimistic and a dreamer, but I was much more “magical” even 2 short years ago. “Magical” has been the only word I’ve found to describe the way I am when I have so much faith in humanity and want to do good for others and feel this natural urge to go out of my way to make others happy simply because it’s the right thing to do and it makes me feel all mushy inside. It is my goal to gain some of my magic back and never lose it. Well, I was very magical freshman year, and when I heard about the earthquake, I strapped on my humanitarian boots and decided to raise money! I made a Facebook group and asked all my friends for donations, I knocked doors in neighborhoods with my brother, and I even announced it in my classrooms on campus. (I’m amazed at my freshman self… I would probably be too terrified to do that now. Or at least would worry too much that it wouldn’t be successful. Or would have brushed it off, assuming that everyone donated to the cause in other ways.)

My goal was to raise $1,000, and I wasn’t going to give up until I got there. So one night I decided to knock the doors in the dormitories. (Saying “dorms” after “doors” felt too weird…but saying “dormitories” might still have felt weirder…) I didn’t want to do it alone, so I went to Sadie’s hall and asked her one night if she wanted to go with me. Girl said of course. I mean, of course she said of course, but she totally believed in my ability to raise this money. And she didn’t give off the impression at all that she thought I was a little too ambitious or anything. I don’t know that I would have been that awesomely supportive. We knocked doors and took turns repeating our little message and she was just as into it as I was, and this was before we were best friends. She didn’t say she was too busy or hinted at the fact that freshman don’t have a lot to give. She just whole-heartedly went into it with me, and lemme tell ya, we collected EVERY OUNCE of spare change that existed in those dorms!! We went back to her room and counted it all out, and in the end I reached my goal of $1,000. I know this memory might seem insignificant… but it meant so much to me, and describes Sadie so well! Fully supporting my dreams, like a best friend should.

I’m in love with her gift of writing. She writes about our daily happenings but in a way that makes it so interesting that I can’t stop reading even though I know what’s going to happen haha. Words and thoughts flow so beautifully from her mind to her fingertips! (Or… ya know… her mouth… or whatever I should have said there…)

I love Sadie. I love her strength and watching her grow. I love how much we have been through together (ohhhhh buddy…) and I love all that her experiences have taught me. I love that we have an unhealthy relationship defined by panic attacks if the other person doesn’t text back because we NEED each other that pathetically. I love that our friendship is defined by midnight chats that are too long and deep, Dairy Queen Blizzard runs, silent laughter fits, and even heart-wrenching sob sessions in our bedroom. I love her maturity and her wisdom and her tolerance and her wit. I love her life and where it’s headed. And you should probably keep reading because you’re really going to love her life too.

 Henna. ;)

 Food babies, naturally.

That Sadie? She's pretty awesome. :)

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