Whole 30 FAQ

Have you lost weight?
We are not allowed to weigh ourselves during the W30. But no, I do not feel like I have lost weight. Though I have had a couple of people ask if I've been losing weight. Go figure. Also, just for the record, the W30 is not a diet. It's more of a food challenge meant to give you more energy and better health. They say straight up on their site that they don't care if you lose weight when doing the program, that is not the purpose. However, they said that something like 98% of participants report weight loss during the 30 days. Which like, duh. You don't eat sugar or processed food for a month, what other option is there?

Update: Jennie and I both lost 10 lbs.

What can you eat?
Meat, veggies, fruit, nuts, and berries. You get creative with lettuce-wrapped burgers and cornstarch-free beef and broccoli. Tonight is my dinner night and I cooked chicken in coconut oil with lime juice and chicken broth. Then I threw in some asparagus, sweet baby peppers, and tomatoes. And salt. And pepper.  I eat eggs for breakfast literally every day. It hasn't gotten old yet. I either add tomatoes and onions, or, if I'm feeling lazy, I just add salsa. I also eat carrots. I usually bring an apple and grilled chicken or something to school and awkwardly eat my chicken in class. And I drink a ton of water. 

Does it cost more? How is grocery shopping?
Yes, and horrible. The cost is ridiculous. Or maybe it's just because I'm in college. We are basically at the store every day restocking on veggies, bananas, eggs, and raisins. And grocery shopping? It's the worst. Next time you're at the store try finding food with less than five ingredients, and nothing that you can't pronounce. No sucrose, no corn syrup, no sugar, no sulfites. Did you know that Morton's salt has dextrose in it? Yeah. Neither did we until we saw the "all natural sea salt" stocked next to it. It's basically really frustrating to finally find what you need, and then have to spend another ten minutes reading labels. I hate grocery shopping anyway, but nowadays its enough to drive me to insanity. Or to tears. 

Do you feel any different?
Yes. Waking up is easier. If you've read my blog for more than two months, you may remember a time when basically every other post mentioned my hatred for the morning. That is no longer the case. I really do have more energy in the morning. It's been gradual though, so it's not until I read something about how much I use to hate morning that I remember how far I've come. I'm also fairly certain my gym performance is getting better. I've been able to pass weights that I have been stuck at for months. Sweet. And things like walking up freshman hill or a ton of stairs isn't killer anymore. It's like, really easy. 

Are you doing this for lent?

Why are you doing this?
I ask myself the same thing some days. But only when we are low on food and I just want some ice cream. But then I eat an avocado and peace is restored. To answer your question, I am doing this out of curiosity. Like I said in my first W30 post, I have been hearing about this since I started at my gym two years ago, and I have thought about doing it on numerous occasions. I actually did it this time because I A) don't depend on the freshman cafeteria for my food anymore and B) because I finally convinced someone to do it with me. I really don't think I could have done it alone. 

You mean you really don't eat any sugar?
Yes, I really do not eat any sugar. It's 30 days, I can manage. I have had numerous people tell me that eating some dark chocolate in the morning would help. ...Would help what? I kindly tell them that chocolate is not approved, and that we are discouraged to eat any form of sugar (fruit) in the morning.

I could never do that.
Not a question, But yes, you could. You can do anything you want. No one is forcing you to eat unapproved foods, and you have the self-control to make the decision. If you are following the meal guides and eating enough you won't even be hungry. Like I said, this isn't a diet. The point is not to starve. I promise you won't die. 

When is the last day?

Are you gonna go crazy with food at the end?
The answer to this question depends on the moment you ask if. If you catch me mid-sugar craving, then the answer is yes, and I will go on to give you a detailed list of all the foods I will cram into my face the second Saturday happens. However, if you catch me any other time, the answer is no. Why would I want to waste 30 days of work on one binge-fest? 

Would you recommend doing this?
Yeah. But like, don't do it unless you are really going to do it. I keep telling myself that, if nothing else, I have gained a better sense of self-control. And I have learned more about food in the past 27 days than I have in my entire life. I am learning the things that give me real energy, and the things that are just empty calories. Today in class someone was talking about the importance of teaching your children how to make good food decisions, and I actually got excited. I feel like I now know what real good food choices are, and while I don't plan on raising my kids on a W30 diet that would be beyond crazy, I know what kinds of things will sustain them and what will have them back in 30 minutes feeling hungry again. 

So basically I am not their new spokes person or anything, but if you tell me you're considering it I'll support your decision. 

I'll let you know how my opinion changes once the 30 days are up.

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  1. I'm proud of you for doing do it! Having done something similar, I can promise you that the changes will be long term. I am still not buying processed or prepackaged foods, at least nothing with ingredients I can't pronounce. When the can says: ingredients: black beans, water, I am now ok with that, even though they are not totally fresh. I could write a novel here, but I won't. Proud of you!