So now that they're home, I'll tell you that my parents were in the Caribbean for the past week and Jennie and I were staying at my house alone.

Now, let's be straight up about this: my house is creepy. The floors make noises and the general openness of it does nothing good for the imagination. For the most part Jennie and I were successful at preventing freak outs; we made a pact to not let one of us be home alone at night, and when one of us was alone during the day we just turned on music or the TV. 

But then Thursday night happened, and it was not kind to us. 

It started out just fine, Jennie made dinner when I was at class I know, right? You should probably marry her and then we painted our nails while watching You've Got Mail.

But then, as the night progressed, the wind began to pick up and the ever-present creepyness of my house increased exponentially. It all started with the chairs on the back porch. At first we assumed it was the noises of my parents returning, but a few minutes later, when they still hadn't come in, we were forced to accept that it was a creepy man waiting to kill us. 

Our imaginations ran away with us quite quickly from that point on.

Next thing we knew the open windows upstairs had my parents' blinds rattling and bedroom doors closing. We muted the TV, as if that would make the presence of a killer known. After realizing how lame of an idea that was, we turned the volume back up, only to have the loudest of noises emerge from the dark abyss above us.

And so we did what any mature, brave, college-going women would do - we phoned a friend.

We were desperate, ok? We had to go upstairs to close windows and prevent further sounds, but we couldn't just walk up there! What if creepy killer man came out from behind a corner? Obviously the fact that we were on the phone with a male friend would scare the killer off and we would be saved. 

Does anyone else get this freaked out? Do I watch too much AMW??


  1. You are definitely not the only one. O_O I have a very wild imagination as well.

  2. there have been many evenings when I had to call a big strong man (cale) to help me get over my scared moments of a big lonely, creepy house :-)

  3. This is why you should learn to thrown knives, handle a shot gun, and master the art of basic self-defense. You never know when a lawn chair will attack!

  4. I like your new layout. Head title line? I don't know what it's called. You should design one for me sometime.

    Also I miss you.

  5. If you're strong enough to do a CrossFit workout RXed, you're probably stronger than 80% of the guys out there. Seriously. If a creepy guy was up there, you could probably beat the crap out of him. If not, just take a few months of Kung Fu classes (I know of a really good school in Utah Valley...) and you'll never have to be afraid again :)