introvert hangout

The other day when Jennie and I were exploring Provo we made a stop in Sammy's for some shakes. As we sat waiting for our orders my train of thought ran away with me. I looked around this little shop with its polaroid prints coating the walls and the fun date-going couples dotting the tables. What a good idea someone had, creating a cute and quirky hangout with good food and live music.

But as I sat there I recognized a feeling of discomfort. Everyone was having fun and everyone was involved, but I think it was the "everyone" aspect that got to me. I quickly recognized the catalyst of my feelings to be my introversion. Sammy's is an awesome place, but it's just not my thing. Too many people, too much socializing, too much time having to force conversation and small talk. Just thinking about hanging around longer than it took to get our food made me anxious.

And so I came to a decision: they should make hangout places geared toward introverts. What would that include, I wondered? I pictured a coffee shop. Comfortable couches, no bright lights, and not too much noise. It would be nice if there was an element of privacy so there wouldn't be any of that social overwhelming stuff. There would have to be something like awesome food or cool decorations to interest people and the one or two friends they brought with them.

Eventually my musings led me to a realization: I was describing my living room.

So you guys, when I say that I just want to chill at home, please understand that I'm not being antisocial. I'm just doing social in my own way. A way that is enjoyable to me.


  1. Also, The Chocolate. When there's not too many people there.