General Conference

Conference. Best two weekends of the year.

Elder Scott discussed personal revelation. It was my favorite. He said revelation can come from healthy eating. Jennie and I shared a fist pump over that one. Whole 30? Totally validated. He also said answers can come in dreams. Knew it. I think this means it's officially time for BYU to add an astrology class. I'd be all over that.

I sent the following text to the siblings:
Don't worry, home is still home. Fire place, ticking clock, and quilting.
Elizabeth sent this back:
Conference at our house!
I love how perfectly that represents conference weekend.

Jennie and I snagged tickets to Saturday afternoon - thanks Austen! Gotta love the J-ru fam. Then the Perry family had an extra sunday afternoon ticket. Lucked out again. It was also Rachel's birthday today, so I was glad I got to see her.

This weekend was a reminder of how much I love my major. Conference is basically an extension of class.

But the best part of the weekend? Getting answers to lingering questions.

You guys, I promise that if you listen to the words of God's prophets you will hear what you've been looking for.

Why would you pass on that opportunity?

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