I've been at BYU for a good three years now. Many friends have come and gone in these college years, but I can honestly say that Jennie has been here the entire time. In fact, she was there in my first college memory.

It was back in the days when freshman academy still existed. It was a good program, and I'm not sure why it was done away with. Basically you just signed up and then BYU would put you in a bunch of classes with a group of people who lived in your dorm and were studying similar things. It was an awesome way to make friends in and out of class, and it was the perfect introduction to study groups. 

Before the semester started my FA group got together to meet in person. There was a small presentation that I got pulled in to, and as I stood practicing beforehand on a little stage I remember looking out, seeing Jennie, and thinking "is she is my group? Do I recognize her from facebook? Could that be Jennie?"

So, so, so weird. Could that be Jennie? At the time that name meant little more than a few vague facebook pictures and the knowledge that she came form Alabama. If only I knew that that girl would end up being my soul mate! 

It's funny because our friendship never even had a start date. It just happened. We had all our classes together, we studied together, we gathered money for Haiti together. And then when the end of Freshman year came around, Jennie asked if she could live with me sophomore year. All things considered, it was a pretty random request. I mean, I loved Jennie, so of course I said YES!, but I hadn't expected it. She got along so well with her roommate and the girls on her hall, so I hadn't expected her to go on without them. 

But I am so glad she came with me. Jennie and I are both last-minute kind of people. We are so bad a plans. It just stresses us out to make plans more than 24 hours in advance. It's not the most ideal of attributes, but we share it nonetheless. And with this lack of commitment comes a serious hardship in keeping long-term relationships with people. Had Jennie moved with someone else, I'm pretty sure we would not be friends at all. 

So, so, so weird.

But like I said, we are last-minute people, and so we often dream up awesome things to do and then never get around to it unless it's something we can do right then. However, there are often times when we randomly find ourselves doing things on our "awesome things to do list."

Like today. I came home from work totally ready to take an awesome nap in all of my post-finals glory. Just as I had flopped down on the couch I learned that Jennie was heading off to drive Bronwyn to campus, and she suggested that I go with her so we could get bagels after.

I decided to go for it. Einstein's is a favorite of ours, and the realization that we actually had time to do something was freeing. 

But alas, when we got to the Einstein's store on Center street we were met with an empty lot and a sign on the door with their new location. 

We could have gotten back in the car and gone to the new place, but we are lazy, and we were already there, so we decided to look around and see what else was in the area.

Before we knew it we were exploring "downtown" Provo, something that has been on our list basically since the day we met. It was the perfect way to spend our first school-free day. Though I must admit my joy was a little tainted by the worry that I was forgetting to be stressed about something...

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