First day of school blues

I had issues trying to buy my textbooks this morning.

I figured that, as long as I needed to be at work 30 minutes before the bookstore opened, I might as well take advantage of it and find my textbooks and start a line before the masses joined me.

Smart, right?

So I went to one of the computers provided to print booklists, but for whatever reason it wasn't printing.

I moved to the one next to it. Still no printing.

Good thing there was paper and I had a pen, huh? I only had two books so I wrote down the authors, titles, and the big long number that went along with them.

I went to find my book by Williams, R., but it was not to be found anywhere. I was on my way to look for the packet when I realized the author was TBA.


So I went to the desk to get help from the trusty employee.

You guys, he thought I was an idiot.

Sadie: "Hey, so my packet doesn't have an author, does that mean it's not here yet?"
Employee: "Yeah."
S: "Ok, cool. And I have another book that I'm not finding…"
E: *looks at my hand written book list* "Williams? Yeah. It'll be in the W's."
S: *in my mind: "oh! Cool I was looking in the Q's."* Right. I looked but I couldn't see it.
E: "Ok. Let's go look."

He looked for like .5 seconds and declared it not there. He then looked skeptically at my hand written list and said, "So you don't even have a real list?"
S: "No, I tried but it wouldn't print so I just wrote it down."
E: "It wouldn't print?"
S: "No."
E: "Why not?"
S: *in my mind: "Oh yeah, I'm actually a printer programer and I took the time to locate the issue and then instead of fixing it I came to you for help"* "It just didn't."

He gave me the most quizzical of looks to which I responded, "I guess it's just going to be one of those days for me."

He shrugged and walked back to look it up on his computer. A minute later he informed me that the book had not come in yet.



  1. Not to be mean, but that kid...has struggles.

    Very humorous post, Miss Sadie. I like it. You will like the book by Williams. I thought it explained things very well.

  2. HE thought YOU were an idiot?!