The Whole 30: Day 5

Cue Fast Sunday.

It was hard, and taking the sacrament bread felt like a sin. I'm not allowed to eat bread! 

I have been unsubscribing from all food boards on pinterest, as seeing things like this was a little distracting:

Curse you, delicious looking food. 

But no, in all honesty this is a whole lot easier than I thought it would be, and if nothing else it is teaching me to cook, which is never a bad thing.

And it's teaching a form of self-control. The Whole 30 site talks about sugar tantrums, and how we feed our brians. It's just like giving into a screaming two-year old, the only thing they learn is that screaming gets them what they want. When your brain and body scream for sugar and you give in, guess what is going to happen next time?

Also, Jennie and I went to a get together the other night and shared a plate of macadamia nuts. Livin' the life.

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