Before we started The Whole 30, we guessed that week two would be the hardest. We were correct. The first few days we were doing fine, but eventually the lack of sugar/complex carbs started getting to us.

And by "getting to us," I mean we started acting like animals. Completely irrational, always hungry, rarely civilized, and forgetting social norms. After sharing a few stories with a friend, he stated that we are basically living The Lord of the Flies in our apartment. He wasn't far off.

I asked one of the trainers at my gym why we're feeling worse than before we started, and she basically told us to be patient. We just went cold turkey off of habits that are two decades deep, and it is going to take our bodies a while to adjust. Once they do, however, the magic will start to happen.

Please, I pray, let the magic start to happen!

But, while we wait for that, let's review the week:

-I started it off by missing my alarm and forcing Jennie out of bed to drive me. 

-Bronwyn and I got in a legit fight over the thermostat. It was an ugly, bitter exchange of words that went down in front of our guests/friends. 


-Jennie and I were away from home and desperate for food so we stopped by a subway. After staring down the menu for a minute, I asked if I could get the meat and veggies from a sandwich, just without the bread. The worker responded, "So, that would be like, a salad?" ... yes. Yes it would. I felt like an idiot. 

-I very accusatorially called one of my friends a "gay hater." I basically yelled it in his face.

-I forgot my roommate's birthday. I'm sorry Emily, but facebook had to remind me.  

-I basically threw a tantrum when my roommate asked me to answer the door. I made bitter faces, exaggerated all of my movements, and even slammed a door. Hello, two-year-old Sadie, welcome back into existence. 

-I sat down and cried in the middle of the JFSB over a completely harmless comment.

-Half-way through a study group a girl pulled out some fruit snacks. I was full-on coveting them, throwing all caution of the tenth commandment to the wind. I basically sold my soul for a pack of Great Value smiley face fruit snacks. 

-And, in a nice grand gesture to wrap up the week, I set my kitchen on fire.

I know what you're thinking, "How is she not married yet??"


  1. When you get really super cranky, try going for a quick walk, or a walk as long as is needed for a mood adjustment to occur. Also, when the sugar cravings kick in, downing some protein seems to help me as long as I have a handful of almonds to go along with it. I can't NOT have complex carbs. I tried it for a week but got physically weak. It was NOT good, so don't feel too badly if you have to eat them every so often. I have about one serving a day (today it was a half a cup of whole wheat couscous.) Other than that, I don't eat very much of it, and NO refined sugar. It's a REALLY hard habit to kick, but your body will be so happy when you do! And you'll stop craving it. True story. Keep at it! It's worth it :) (Have I mentioned that since I cut way back on carbs and added protein, even plant based ones, I have swapped 2% body fat for muscle? Yup. It's true. And it's only been a couple of weeks.)