peer pressure

Ok, in all seriousness, is it national car wash day?

Cause like, I was driving to print off some newsletters for Relief Society when I noticed that one of the traffic lanes was at a stop. Odd. I switched lanes and didn't really wonder about it until I realized it was full of cars waiting in line for a car wash.

...What? Yeah. There were like, 50 million cars at the Super Sonic on State Street. I wrote it off cause I figured they were offering free washes+a lollipop or something. People get excited about these sorts of things. 

But then, a few hours later, I was on my way home from the grocery store when I was, once again, slowed down in my lane. Was there a red light ahead? Was there an accident? No, there was a car wash. 

So many cars, so few employees, so much slowed driving. 

Why?? I mean, they aren't even the same car wash companies. Is everyone on their way to a clean car convention? No, they're not, cause that's ridiculous and those don't exist. 

Do I need to get my car washed? Do they know something I don't?

Tell me what I'm missing! 


  1. After it snows, there is salt on the roads. That alt will cause body damage to your car, plus all the slushy stuff makes cars dirty. So...people often get car washes on the first nice day, or first Saturday since they actually have the time, after it snows.

  2. Last night, Jeremy's car got seriously doused with crap... It legitimately looks like a TON of bird crap.

    Turns out, its salt. On our date tonight, we SERIOUSLY talked about how we think the car wash companies had a conspiracy to douse our cars in salt. Then we came home and read your blog and we are laughing. Our suspicions confirmed!

    Jeremy is out taking a picture for you right now. I will post it on your wall.

  3. I was definitely at the super sonic car wash today! I just haven't washed my car in a while, it got all nasty from the snow, and it was Saturday! Also, I have a fear of car washes and my roommate was free to go with me...haha!