"MWF seeking BFF"

I believe in fate.

Not in a "waiting for my soul mate" kind of way, but in more of a "if I hadn't been in Panama for my dorm registration I never would have met Sarah and my life would be 100% different" kind of way. I believe that people, places, and other random things come into my life when I most need them. 

Or maybe, because I need them, I notice them. I'll mull it over.

I could go into so much detail about this. For example, two of my roommates this year signed up for the apartment below us, but something went wrong with their paperwork. Or did it? I needed these girls. I honestly believe that fate played a part in the paperwork mistake. It's like God knew exactly what I needed and he sent it my way. 

I have become quite familiar with this sense of fate, and I have developed something like "fate intuition," meaning I know when it is time for something to become a part of my life.

I feel like you are probably expecting something really large scale, but you should probably stop.

Do you remember the movie Post Grad? Alexis Bledel playing a college graduate facing the horrible economy? Yeah. I wouldn't actually recommend it because of the language content. I mean, seriously? Invest in an thesaurus, my friends, there are other words to be used! But language aside, my timing of watching this movie was perfect. 

When it first came out I wanted to rush to the theater all fan-girl, but something inside me held me back. Retrospection has told me that it was fate. A few months later I found myself in my dorm room, alone on a Saturday morning. I wandered down the hall to borrow a movie from a friend and came across Post Grad. It seemed like it was time to watch it. 

If you have seen this movie, then you will think I am crazy for what I am about to disclose: it gave me an emotional breakdown.

We're talking a full blown, box of tissues, mascara down the face, hyperventilating breakdown. I had been really struggling with an internal battles for a few weeks, and there were a few lines of the movie that didn't just hit me, they basically penetrated me. I wrote it down and actually referred back to said lines when I found myself floundering.

You guys, I don't think it was chance that I watched Post Grad when I did.

And it's not just Post Grad, this honestly happens to me all. the. time. Something draws my attention, I put it off for whatever reason, and it is later brought into my life at the perfect time. 

I tell you all of this as what may be the longest intro ever. 

You guys, fate has hit me again.

Over the summer - or maybe sometime early fall? - I found myself in a bookstore. Nothing out of the ordinary. I came across a book cover that would not normally have caught my eye, but for whatever reason, it stood out.

The title was so ridiculous that I almost felt ashamed even looking at it, but I couldn't help but feel that this book would come back into my life.

Sure enough, a few weeks into the semester I was dodging homework and came across this article (read the article, it's brilliant and totally captures the essence of the book). And that is when I knew that fate was taking control of the situation. I knew that I would one day read this book, and that when I did, it would hold some message that I greatly needed to hear. 

Well, a short while ago I got a new phone. It came with some books on it, and I could download one for free. Score. 

I have many books on my "to be read" list, but, without even glancing at my list, this book came to mind. 

Folks, you can't play with fate. I downloaded it. I devoured it. When reading it during class and had to refrain from turning to the person next to me to tell them how clever it was. She is funny, she is smart, she is an amazing writer.

But more than that, I really needed to hear what this book has to say.

Do I put too much thought into these things? Am I being completely ridiculous? It's possible, but I just don't think that I am.  

Do you have things like this? Maybe you're a little less obsessive than I am, but what do you think fate is?

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