I brought this upon myself.

At 11 o'clock this morning I sat down on the couch with my computer and rubric in hand. I have been writing diligently since then, and now, bordering nine hours later, I find myself in the exact same state, excepting my posture, which has only worsened.

I have left my perch approximately five times for water, raisins, a change of pants, eggs, and a computer charger.  

What do I have to show for my time? An 8-paged, single-spaced research paper on the parental stresses associated with Asperger's syndrome, complete with a table of contents, a list of figures, an abstract, and a letter of transmittal. 

A list of activities that I passed up to complete this project includes, but is not limited to:
   -the festival of colors
   -a ward temple trip
   -hiking w/ the sister
   -hunger games

And that, my friends, is the price of procrastination.

UPDATE: The paper got a straight-up A. owned.


  1. Hooray for procrastination!!!! (total sarcasm)

    By the way, "The Hunger Games" is okay. Not great, but it is fine for seeing it once. Just my opinion though. :)

    At least your paper is done!

  2. Fortunately for you, all of those things you missed can be done at a later date. Granted festival of colors will have to wait a year, but can still be done. As for the paper, that was a little more pressing. Although procrastination occurred, so did the ability to make a grown up choice: stay home and do the darn paper. See? You still rock.

  3. Wow, good point Polly. You also rock.

    Sadie - I want to read this paper. You have my email address. And, in a few minutes, you'll have an email from me asking for a copy of the paper.