Check for Flash

I often say that I am an awkward person, to which people often reply, "no you're not."

I'm pretty sure the fact that that is the only thing they can say is proof enough, but just in case you want more evidence, I've got it.

You may remember me mentioning in numerous previous posts that my phone was not able to turn off the shutter sound. It really cramped my style, the whole "not being able to take creepy pictures of strangers" thing. I went months passing up the perfect photo op simply because of my uber loud, in your face, phone.

But then the heavens opened and my prayers were answered: my phone contract ended. Time to join the world of angry birds, instagram, and, most importantly, creeper pictures.

Since the arrival of my beautiful and glorious phone I have had no trouble getting back in the swing of things. Girl with crazy hair? Captured. Secret photo of a professor? Not a problem.

I've been living the dream for the past few weeks now, but today I was brought to a reality check: shutter sound or no, I will still find a way to make the situation as awkward as possible. 

There I was, sitting in the student center, finishing my take home test like a boss. When I look up for a break I notice the couple sitting across from me. 

They were adorable. I'm not really a fan of PDA and by all of my normal standards I should have been annoyed by them, but something about them was nothing short of adorable. 

They were sitting on a couch, legs on the table, reading Ender's Game aloud. Was it the fact that I love that book? Was it the way he turned the pages for her? Was it the way they were completely engrossed in their own little world? I'm not sure, but I wanted to capture it. 

The issue: while my shutter noise was turned off, my flash was not. 

Yeah. It was bad. 

The good news is that I got a picture out of it?

No. The good news is that I now know to check. I will never let this happen again. 

Hey there, flash in my computer screen. Thanks for nothing. 

When I went to send the picture from phone to computer via bluetooth one of the devices was named Ender. Coincidence??