2 and a week's half

At work on Monday I informed Angela & Hillary that we had 2 and a week's half of school left.

Have I mentioned that I'm slightly dyslexic? 

I was planning to get a slight reaction out of the comment, like maybe a gasp or dramatic "no way!"
 but moments later, this was happening:
As you can see by my face, I'm a hugger...
While Hillary will be staying and we will still work together, Angela is packing up and relocating to LA at the end of the semester.

Right. Now let's get philosophical.

It will never not be crazy to me how people just come in and out of your life. 

That's a concept I have a hard time with. You get so close to someone and then something changes. A move, an opinion, or even just time. 

But just because someone may not be a direct part of your life anymore doesn't mean they aren't still a part of your life. They were there, they helped form you into the person you now are, and you can never lose that. 

Sometimes I have to remind myself of that. People will come and go, but the things they teach you will never leave.