this is happiness

Why did I miss two days? Cause I was in vegas. 

Day 10: Self Portrait.
Um...I didn't actually take one. Moving on.

Day 11: Makes Me Happy:
Before we get to these pictures, you need some background. Unless this is your first time looking at my blog, you know that I am completely obsessed with my study abroad and the people I met there. 

During our third week there, on the bus ride to Egypt, one of my professors was saying that he could guarantee at least one couple from our group would get married. At the time I thought that was a little forward. I mean, we only had like 20 guys, what were the chances??

It turns out he was beyond correct, as we now have 1 married and 2 engaged couples. 

So, both the reason I was in Vegas and the thing that made me happy:

The Tueller Wedding!!

It was actually at the end of our Egypt trip on the top of Mt. Sinai that this couple had their first kiss. I know, right? Epic. 

I am seriously so happy for them. They are so amazing and I love both of them so much. They are going to have an amazing life. 

But don't worry, there were sooo many more 
things that made me happy yesterday: 

 Meet Stacey and Brock, another engaged couple from in Jerusalem.

Seeing my Jerusalem family just made me so happy. Every time I am with them I am reminded of how lucky I was to go when I did. We had an amazing group of people, and I will always believe we were the best. Every single one of us loved everyone. There were never any cliques, never any petty drama. And we are just plain awesome. We are fun and entertaining and there is never a dull moment.


Let's just throw in a picture of the Las Vegas temple. Awesome.
 More happiness: LANI!!!!

Where do I even start with this girl? Lani is basically my hero. She knows who she is and she is not afraid to be herself. I learned so much from her about just embracing myself and loving me for it. Unfortunately I had not seen Ms. Lani since we got home from J-ru and I didn't think I was going to see her until the Stacey/Brock wedding.

But then, in classic Lani style, she made the grandest of entrances. Which really only consisted of walking into the building and waiting until someone saw her, which took like .5 seconds. 

She straight up told us she wasn't coming, so when she appeared we were all sooo happy. 

Love me some Lani.

This whole day was just full of happiness. I wouldn't trade my Jerusalem family for the world.


  1. This made me cry! Thanks for posting Sadie :) I miss our family.

  2. holy hannah i'm dying. this is making my 2 hour constitutional law class the best 2 hours of my life. loving you, miss sadie. see you in t-minus 1 MONTH!