Take a Chance

Day 16: something new

So this doesn't really fit the bill. I get that. 

The thing is that I haven't purchased anything new lately. 
 I have, however, been thinking new thoughts. 

I'm not exactly sure what's going on in my stars, but I can't help but notice my life offering me new opportunities lately. Not anything huge and/or life-changing, just things to alter my daily routine. I have come very close to turning all of these offers down simply because they fall outside of my comfort zone.  

And then I got an email:

"I know, from reading your blog, that you have your group of people you are comfortable with and it is hard for you to branch out but now would be an opportune moment to do so.  
One shouldn't be afraid to do anything, better to take a chance at something then to let it pass by. 
Take it from me, the true regrets in life are the choices that were never made, things that you let pass by.
You never know what can happen but at least you took a chance - if you let something pass by you won't even get a chance at what could be."

This email came from a blog reader. An inspired blog reader, to be more exact. I'm not sure how they knew, but I needed to hear that message today.

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  1. I, like you, have a hard time pushing past my comfort zone. And, like you, have been feeling a push to change little things. The little changes here and there seem to be forcing me to bigger ones. interesting time of life really...