Maybe it's a bad time for Gemini

Day 8: Sun

"But Sadie! There is no sun in this picture! It looks dark and dreary and cold!"

That is what you are thinking, and you are correct. I decided to take a picture of the lack-of-sun I walk to work in each day. It's ok, today is completely overcast so you wouldn't be getting a sun picture anyway.

In retrospect, I kinda wish I hadn't taken this picture this morning. I feel like my action of starting the day on a negative foot just paved the path for a day of wrong turns and pessimism. 

If there was something that I could imagine going wrong, it happened at work this morning. And I'm not just talking about incorrect measurements and foam core color, I'm saying that the world actually hated me, and it followed me even after I left work.

 Today was just one of those days. So much to do, so little time. Under the stress I stopped paying attention to detail and ended up with many poorly-done projects. 

On top of the tests, homework, papers and projects, there were so many little things that went wrong today. A button popped, I couldn't get my TB test results so I have to wait another week, I forgot my computer charger, etc. 

But the biggest little thing was my feet. When I walked out my door this morning I thought about throwing an extra pair of shoes in my bag, just in case my cute new ones started to hurt. 

Lesson learned: NEVER ignore a footwear prompting.

This is the approximate number of band-aids required to create make-shift socks to prevent further blistering:

Word to the wise, it's better to break the shoes in before you wear them for an entire day.