Maybe I live in the fourth dimension.

Day 13: blue

Here is the scenario:

1:03 - Show up to class a few minutes late. 

1:03.17 - Glance through the glass and realize the classroom is empty.

1:04 - They must be meeting in the writing lab and I forgot to write it down. That sounds like me.

1:05 - Leave Benson building for JKB.

1:10 - Arrive on 4th floor of JKB sweating and out of breath. Pathetic. Need to go to gym more.

1:11 - Try writing lab door. Locked. Try all writing lab doors. All locked.

1:12 - Confusion. 

1:12.30 - Pull out syllabus. It says nothing. Look at email. There is nothing.

1:23 - Back in the Benson making sure I didn't imagine all of the seats being empty. I didn't. 

1:24 - Is it actually Monday? Do I really have class at 1:00 on Mondays? Is it a holiday? Normally I would go home at this point, but I have two papers to turn in. 

1:30 - Go to JFSB to wait outside my professor's office until she comes for office hours. Notice she shares an office with my ENGL 150 professor. Remember how much I loved that professor. 

1:40 - Realize all of my things are blue. Decide to take a picture and blog about it. 

1:56 - Publish post. 


  1. Now I'm curious. Why didn't your class meet?

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