20 hours a week

Day 22: where you work

What are those little numbers placed seemingly randomly around the picture? I'm so glad you asked.

1) This is my phone. This is where I clock in and where I call the laundry to find out what happened to our lost table cloths. That happens more often than you may think.

2) Butterflies and ribbon. That is my feeble attempt to decorate my workspace. 

3) This is a map of the booths they set up for the farmers market in the parking lot of the football stadium. It even shows which booths have electricity. I'm not sure why it's there, but it's been there since I started so I keep it there out of respect. 

4) The binder says "Sadie's Projects." Fitting, as that is what it holds. Every project request I've had and an 8.5x11 print out of the finished product. If it were prettier I'd call it a portfolio.

5) Those are the "Closed for Devotional/Forum" signs that I always forget remember to put out on Tuesday mornings. 

6) See those cords? They look pretty innocent, yeah? No. Think again. No matter how many times I move them back, they somehow manage to slide back under my chair and prevent me from moving. It is an ongoing source of frustration. 

7) Our resident lint roller. You wouldn't believe how often we need that thing. 

8) The mouse. I would call it my mouse, but I cannot. My office has two mice(?): the good one pictured here, and a completely crappy black one with no right click or scroll thing. Why would Apple invent such a useless object? You can't see it here, but to my right is another computer, used by Tyson/Angela, and it currently has the black mouse. Every day when I get to work I switch the crappy black mouse with the nice white one, and, when I leave at noon, Tyson/Angela takes the nice white one and returns the black one to me. We have a system, you see. If one of us finishes our projects for the day we will surrender the good mouse and let the one actually designing take advantage of it. We're civil about it. Like, you don't have bring the good mouse to the bathroom with you so it doesn't disappear when you're gone. 

9) My computer. See how well you can see my jacket reflected in the screen? Yeah. I take advantage of that glossiness. My back is to the door, which freaks me out. People come and go so quietly and I hate not knowing what is going on behind me. To prevent this from happening I chose a black wallpaper so I can use my screen as a mirror and see what is going on behind me. Overkill? No. You wouldn't believe the number of times this has saved me a minor heart attack as either Frank or Lester try to scare me. 

This is how you would find me on any given day. Cross-legged and slouched. Sorry bout the lack of smile, there was a miscommunication about shutter times and we were too lazy to take another picture. 


  1. Haha I like how Tyson and I have become one word, separated only by a "/". lol I guess he's cool enough to be associated with me. Well, maybe... :P

    And the mouse thing: hilarious!! because it's true!! hahaha

  2. I like the pseudo-smile. Very "Crookston" of you.
    (btw, random tidbit of info: the secret words I have to type in to post this comment are: sdarl ludedTDi. Just to know...)