I'm a killer

Day Three: Hands
My ward is currently playing a game of assassins

Everyone is given a name, and then they are then required to "kill" that person.
If you don't kill your target within one week, you are dead from inactivity. 
One person has the master list, and you text them when you kill so you can get your new name. 

Our weapon of choice: A spoon.
Dedicated time off: Sundays and FHE
Number of players left: 4

That number is recent, as I killed my latest target about an hour ago with the photographed teaspoon. 

I figured it was an appropriate hands picture as I have been carrying a spoon for a number of weeks now. 


  1. You rock and are hard core. I think it's a totally respectful way to stay alive...killing others, especially before they kill you.

  2. Hahaha, now that is simply awesome. Sounds like it would be way fun to play. Hope you come out on top!

    By the way, I emailed you a few days ago, hope you got the list of songs.

  3. this is very funny. and a perfectly good reason to take a picture of one's hands. I clearly stand corrected.