I have a problem.

Sometimes I am embarrassed about my major.

I remember my sister saying that she didn't major in Elementary ED because she didn't want to have to tell people. At the time I thought she was ridiculous. Do what you want to do, don't let other people stop you.

But now I understand. 

Earlier today I was with some fellow college students and the topic of majors came up. We went around the table stating our status stati?: Bio Chem, Nursing, Civil Engineering.... Family Sciences.

I felt ashamed. I felt like these people were learning amazing life-altering things, they were totally pushing themselves and getting the absolute most out of their education. They were going to go on to change the world, and I would sit back and bake pies. 

I must admit that I often get a little defensive when stating my major. It's like, if I make a joke about it first then they have no ammunition, nothing to come at me with. When someone jabs at the School of Family Life, I laugh it off like it's no big deal.

But it actually really hurts. 

I hate feeling like my major is 1950's housewife joke. I hate feeling like I'm wasting my time and my parent's money. I actually had a friend ask me once why I was studying something that I could learn from being a mom?

That question caught me off guard. Did they really think I would learn all of this through experience? Piaget and stonewalling and the stages of development? I mean, I guess I would get a sense for it after a few years of parenting/marriage, but wouldn't it be better to have the information before I start raising kids? Before I find myself in the midst of a divorce? Is it really a bad thing that I am doing all I can to have the best family I know how?

As a person I have a really hard time opening up to people. I don't share my feelings easily and it can be hard for me to connect with others. I have always been so afraid of how this will affect my future family. I want so badly to have an open home where my kids and their friends feel comfortable, but I have been so worried for so long that I just won't know how to pull it off.

So when I heard about a Family Studies major, I was so happy. It was an answer to my prayers. I realized that I could actually study the family and learn theories and methods to being successful. I realize that parenthood/marriage is not something you learn from a pamphlet, but I have spent three years building a "tool box" of methods to use in different situations. 

And being a mother isn't the only thing I would like to do with my education. I am interested in going on to study Marriage and Family therapy. I would love to be a behavioral aid, working with kids with autism. I would like to work for Family and Child Services. I want to help strengthen families, because families are the center of every community, they are essential to God's plan for the eternal destiny of His children. 

Sure, it's impressive that you are learning crazy math equations and how to sew a body back together. But I am learning equations for the human mind and how to heal people, from broken hearts to broken souls.

I know that my work is important, and I am done being ashamed of my major. 


  1. I so agree! Besides, what's more important than the family? Now that I am married I am looking around at WAY TOO MANY of my married friends (Mormon and not)and noticing how Satan is completely tearing families apart these days. And he is really freaking good at it! Prepare every day to keep your future family together! Love you Sade.

  2. Be proud girl :-) We need people who want to study about the family. Without the family, all those other subjects don't even really matter so much--if you're looking at the eternal perspective.

  3. Mad props to you! Very commendable, sticking to your choice and standing up for it. We all shine at different things and we are all meant to do certain things. I agree with the Taylor Family, and I'm not even married, but you can see that happening. There was no reason to feel ashamed in the first place. :)

  4. Don't be ashamed! There is a reason you chose this as what you wanted to study. And its a great reason. So, just tell people your thoughts behind picking your major and they will be so impressed with you!

    Ps. We worked together at Legends

    lmld.org :)

  5. This post is the story of my life. I literally didn't post a picture of my diploma on Facebook for the sole reason that it said School of Family Life on it and I was embarrassed. But the truth is that I adore it. Go SFL. I just love you.

  6. Don't be embarrassed. Do be prepared! As you have watched loved one enter phases of life with not enough educational backing to support themselves, and suddenly find themselves in the middle of life alone, with kid(s), PLEASE be prepared for ALL that life can bring. Do I EVER want you to end up alone with kids? Absolutely not. Do I hope you will be prepared if that does happen? More than pretty much anything. Arm yourself with multiple tool boxes. How to have a wonderful home and family, and how to have a secure life, no matter what life throws at you. If there is one lesson I wish college had taught me, it was "how to prepare for the worst while living the best, (and I don't mean food storage or 72 hr kits, although those don't hurt.) I know you can do it :) And know you will as well.