So much love

Ok, so I'm human and I crave food. What's the big deal?

Well, in this case the deal is that I crave Ketchup Pringles, an item not sold in the States.

So a while ago I blogged about this problem, and shortly after I found out that people are awesome.

First Julie showed up on my couch with Pringles in hand and then this happened...

You guys, What?? Why are people so awesome and so amazing?!

Kristi you are my hero. I cannot you believe that you A) got them and B) actually sent them!!!!

Ahhhhh my life is perfection :)

One Year Ago

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  1. YAAAY!! I'm so glad you got them! It's the least I could pay for the endless entertainment you (and your blog!) have brought me. You wouldn't believe how many times I had to swat away Brock's hands from those babies on the flights home. The seal was opened NOT because he succeeded in eating any of them, but because we didn't want the container to pop because of pressurized plane cabin! :) Love you, Sadie!