Quote Wall

If there's a problem with my apartment, it's that we like each other too much.

Like, for real. The other day Bronwyn and I were in our Marriage and Family class and the topic of hanging out came up. We defended and by that I mean Bronwyn defended, I'm not very vocal in class :( our hanging out habits despite the hate from fellow classmates. We like our friends, we like being together, we like movies and ice cream and sitting at the table while bonding. 

As I have been thinking about it I wonder if our classmates might have made a good point. Maybe it would do us good to get out and find new people? But we are so happy and content with each other!

So maybe a really big maybe we'll think about branching out, but in the mean time we will continue to enjoy each other's company.

just in case you're wondering what we're listening to.
We're usually more active than this. Sorta. Well, not really. But we love each other so it's fine.
Sadie: Also I'm going to show you a picture of the daughter I want.
Bronwyn: DOG??
Bronwyn: Okay that's fine.

Natalie: I heard this new song today that I really like!
Bronwyn: What's it called?
Natalie: One Week, by Barenaked Ladies

Bronwyn: Natalie, this question is about you! "Dear 100 hour board, how can I become more interesting?"

Sadie: Did you see how much attention I paid while backing out? Crap, I’m in neutral.

Natalie: “All I know is that Ramen is the cheapest way to buy happiness.”

Allison: “What season of 24 are you on?”
Sadie: “The one with the terrorists.”
Bronwyn: “My name is an anagram from RonwynB.”

Taylor: “We could just get a bunch of cans.”
Sadie: “We could... OR we could just get a bunch of cans.”

Bronwyn: “I’ve always wanted to literally throw myself at someone.”


  1. People who have a problem with "just hanging out" are the kinds of people I refer to as "extroverts." Not always, but often. Me? I'm a big fan. Does this mean I don't see the value in getting out & doing stuff, meeting new people? Of course I do silly. But I am also content with being home & being um...content. That's my arguement & I'm sticking to it.

  2. Isn't it cool when you find a zen space with your roommates? We had a quote wall once. We were peas and carrots in that apartment.

    I would say don't get married, but like, do get married haha. There's a different sort of chemistry there, and not in a gross way... And in a gross way haha.