My mom once let me read her my 10 page research paper about the effects of artificial colors on ADHD.

When I was done she didn't say "wow that was so long I can't remember a time before it started" or "thank goodness that's over I was just listening to make you happy." No. My mother said "Wow! Where did you learn to write so well?"

Why are mothers so perfect? 

Jennie just printed off a paper she was working on all day and handed it to me as she said "Pretend to be my mom!" It was the perfect thing to say. Of course her mom would make her feel like the world for writing a paper. She would commend her for working so hard and tell her what an amazing person she is. 

Because that's just what moms do. They make you feel loved and safe and secure. The older you get the more you realize what they have done for you, what they still do for you every day. You start to imagine the patience, heartache and pure love. 

As I have been studying the family these past years I have come to realize how truly remarkable my mother is. She did such an amazing job with all of her children and her wisdom and knowledge astound me. She is so talented and patient and open to everyone around her. I hope I can be half the mother mine was.