90 minutes

I've been told that there are early birds and night owls, but in all honesty I'm not really much of either.

When I get tired at night I turn into a two year old. At first I get a burst of energy and want to talk to everyone, but my energy slowly turns against me. Soon I find myself whining and complaining and, despite my drooping eyelids, refusing to go to bed. I know the tiredness is bad when I start crying, but that only happens in extreme cases.

Morning is a completely different scene. If you talk to me, I will kill you. In fact, it's best just to not look at me. If I can hear my roommates getting ready I use it as an excuse to stay in bed longer as I hate morning interaction. I sit there willing myself to stay awake as I silently curse everything I can think of. My alarm, the moon, my dreams, the fact that I didn't go to bed earlier, and, most prominently, my job.

I mean, don't be confused, I basically adore my job. I love my boss, my coworkers, and my projects. The thing I do not adore is 7:45 in the morning. I tell myself it will be better in the summer when I'm not trudging through slush by starlight, but as of now I spend each morning feeling pretty bitter about it.

A few weeks ago I discussed this issue with my roommate. I told her of my morning routine, overusing words like bitter, tired, groggy, and hatred. She suggested that I started planning my sleep schedule so I woke up after a full REM cycle - which is 90 minutes, in case you were wondering.

I figured it wouldn't hurt, so I gave it a try.

I realize it's a pretty easy math problem, counting 90 minute increments from when you go to sleep, but hey, we're a generation of laziness, why not let the internet do it for you?

The first night I tried it I needed to wake up at 5:30. I died a little as I set my alarm, but it was that or be late for work, and I figured if I was going to try it I needed to go all out.

You guys, I was amazed. 5:30 rolled around and I honestly felt so awake! I literally hopped out of bed and almost fully enjoyed my morning. There was even time for breakfast and I wasn't falling asleep as I ate it!! This is a huge deal!

I have been using this site every night, and I'm starting to learn to adjust the time I go to bed so it's consistent.

It's basically awesome, and you should all try it and then tell me how happy you are.




  1. Holy cow. I just looked up the site and I'm totally giving it a try. SOO excited.

  2. Pretty excited to try this, thanks!

  3. WOW I love this! Thanks for sharing :)