blue bird

Um, as you may remember me mentioning, I've been a bit bored lately. It hasn't been too completely unbearable because I've been spending eight of my daylight hours at work. I've had posters to design, friends to talk to, and photoshop to play with.

But today work has not been bringing me the joy and satisfaction to which I have become accustomed. You see, yesterday they came in to update my computer and before they left they didn't restore anything. So basically I have no Adobe Creative Suite, none of my projects, and essentially nothing to do. 

I have filled my hours watching tutorials and searching for color pallets I like. However, I was eventually led to desperation. 

With nothing left to do to fill my time, I turned to Frank (see picture below) to ask for a time-filler. I'm not exactly sure how it happened, but somehow my plea for entertainment led to the activation of a Twitter account...

Yeah. Twitter. I kinda swore I would never give in to this craze, but, well, boredom will make you do crazy things.

I haven't "tweeted" yet (I will never be ok with that term) because I have had no inspirations. I will likely never have any inspirations and therefore I will never tweet, so don't be too excited or anything.

Basically I just want to follow cool people. So if you have a twitter, or if you follow someone awesome, you should let me know so I can partake in the joy. 

That's Frank. I guess I could've asked him to turn around, but that would have been much less exciting.