As a girl, I scream.

Let's be honest here. Every girl is annoyed when another girl screams after seeing a friend, yet we all take part in this ritual. 

When I'm doing my hair and my straightener falls in the general direction of my feet, I jump back while doing an inhaled scream sorta thing. 

I've come to accept the fact that, in a situation requiring either flight or fight, I would die, seeing as I am not capable of either alternative. I do, however, have a backup plan: screaming. Were I met in a back alley by a dark stranger, I would definitely rely on my pipes to keep me alive.  

Now, you may remember me mentioning  my fear that someone hearing my screams wouldn't recognize what they meant. Like, maybe they would think I was screaming over something like this little guy....

Ridiculous. Like I would ever scream over a spider...

Ok lies. I totally screamed. I was washing my face and next thing I knew that little bugger was just there, in plain sight, facing me and preparing for an attack. I had no choice but to let my vocal chords do their thing. 

The problem here was that it was 7 a.m. on the first day of no school, so all my non-working roommates (so, all of my roommates) were asleep. 

I clasped my hand to my mouth as the screams escaped, hoping I hadn't woken them up. 

However, moments later, Jennie emerged from our room. 

I spent an appropriate amount of time apologizing for waking her up, and then got right to begging her to kill the spider. Luckily her contacts weren't in so she couldn't see how ugly it was. 

She obliged, and the process looked something like this:

Unfortunately, the spider was successful in hiding before she had the chance to terminate its life.

What does this mean? The spider is lose in my apartment, and so I need to move. 


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