Light at the end of the tunnel

You guys. 


I just did the math. After this winter semester, I will have 45 credits left to graduate. 

That's two 15 credit semesters and a spring/summer term. 

That means I could graduate April of 2013. 

WHAT?? APRIL OF 2013!!!

That is a four year track. 

That is crazy.

But...I also want my design minor, which gives me another 15 credits. Which is another semester, but who even cares? 

I seriously thought I'd be at this school for the rest of eternity. Like really. When people ask how long until I graduate I basically say never, or at least another twelve years. 

But no. Like three more semesters and a term or two.

It makes sense that I have to add another semester because I took a semester out for Jerusalem. 

No regrets. 

So what will I do once I graduate with a bachelors in Family Studies and a minor in Visual Arts?

Go to grad school so I can be a behavioral aid? Study criminology? Seat tables at Tucanos?

Just kidding. Duh. You know me better than that.

But I'm serious about those first two options. 

I'll keep you posted.

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  1. I remember the feeling of i'm-never-gonna-graduate. Then you do. And then before you know it, you graduated 16 years ago. Good luck with whatever comes next.